• In order to further the effort to increase academic achievement of all students, a consolidated plan has been developed by Jackson County Schools to utilize federal funds to provide maximum benefit to all students. Federal Programs' goals are congruent with state legislation requirements. Federal funds, along with funding from state and local sources, will be coordinated and integrated to provide a total program designed to foster educational improvement. The purpose of the plan is to insure that all students are served in the best possible fashion, enabling them to meet challenging content and performance standards.

    In partnership with the home and the community, the mission of the Jackson County School System is to develop the intellectual, social, and physical capabilities of all students to their full potential, enabling them to become competent, productive, self-reliant members of our democratic society. This mission statement is reflective of the state mission: to provide a system of education which is committed to academic excellence and which provides education of the highest quality to all students, preparing them for the 21st century.

    The Jackson County School System will utilize all available resources to achieve both local and state goals. Particularly, federal funds will be combined into a consolidated plan designed to accomplish a common goal of fostering high academic achievement for all students. For more information, contact Mr. Mark Guffey, Federal Programs Supervisor, (256) 259-9500.

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