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    Jackson County Cares

    Resources for Families

  • We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health. When we talk about mental health, we’re talking about our mental well-being: our emotions, thoughts, feelings, and ability to cope. Good mental health is not about feeling happy and confident all the time. It is about coping well despite problems.

    Our mental health can change daily depending on what is going on in our lives. Mental health and mental illness are often used as if they mean the same thing, but they do not. A mental illness impacts daily functioning by significantly affecting the way someone thinks, feels, or behaves. Treatments are available and there are many ways to get help.


    American Psychiatric Association Answer Center - 1-888-35-PSYCH (77924)

    American Psychological Association Public Education Line - 1-800-964-2000

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK (8255), Nacional de Prevención Del Suicidio - 888-628-9454

    Runaway Safeline - 800-786-2929


    Mental Health First Aid Resources

    Mental Health America - www.mentalhealthamerica.net
    American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - www.aacap.org
    American Psychiatric Association - www.psych.org & www.healthyminds.org
    National Association of School Psychologists - www.nasponline.org 
    Other resources for developing healthy lifestyle, including mental and emotional help HELPGuide.org.

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    Mountain Lakes Behavioral
    508 Gregory Street, Scottsboro, AL 35768
    Scottsboro Professional Counseling, LLC 
    605 East Laurel Street, Scottsboro, AL 35768
    Health Connect America
    501 Greenhill Blvd NW #155, Fort Payne, AL 35967
    *Alabama 2-1-1*
    Connects you to a trained operator 24/7 that has access to a comprehensive database with a multitude of services in your community.  
    *Alabama Career Center*
    305 S Scott Street #21, Scottsboro, AL 35768
    Offers free employment services; available to all businesses and jobseekers 
    *CASA of Jackson County*
    250 South Broad Street, Scottsboro, AL 35768
    Volunteers to meet the needs of the elderly and homebound
    Food Pantry that serves all ages
    *Community Action*
    Provides assistance with utility bills and can connect families to other resources
    *Crisis Services of North Alabama*
    132 E Peachtree Street, Scottsboro, AL 35768
    Provides assistance to victims of Rape and Domestic Violence 
    *Jackson County Department of Human Resources*
    305 Bingham Street, Scottsboro, AL 35768
    Receive reports of Child Abuse/Neglect and Adult Abuse/Neglect; Assist Families with Child Support/TAN-F and/or SNAP Benefits
    *Jackson County Children's Advocacy Center*
    201 College Avenue, Scottsboro, AL 35768
    Provide Hope and Healing for Abused and At Risk Children; Forensic Interviews/Counseling Services also available
    *Jackson County EMA (Emergency Management)*
    102 East Laurel Street, Scottsboro, AL 35768
    *Jackson County Health Department*
    204 Liberty Lane, Scottsboro, AL 35769
    Provides Clinical, Home Health and Environmental Services to the Public  
    *Jackson County Juvenile Probation*
    110 E Appletree Street, Scottsboro, AL 35768
    *Jackson County Rural Public Transportation*
    Provides Transportation within Jackson County; no age restrictions for passengers 
    *Jackson County Sheriff's Department*
    102 E Laurel Street, Scottsboro, AL 35768
    *Life Resource Services of Jackson County*
    304 South Andrews Street, Scottsboro, AL 35768
    Provides a safe and warm place during the winter daytime hours and helps people gain access to permanent housing. Also links individuals to emergency resources and assists individuals to obatin adequate financial income through job placement, continuing education or other benefits they may be entitled to.  
    6515 University Drive North West, Suite B, Huntsville, AL 36606
    *Red Cross*
    102 East Laurel Street, Scottsboro, AL 35768