• Hours of Operation

    The library is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 - 2:40.


    Classes come to the library for information and literacy skill lessons once a week.  When classes are not in session the library is available for open checkout and individual reading guidance.  Other services include:

    • Bibliographies
    • Booktalks and personal reading guidance
    • Automated card catalog and circulation system
    • Computers for word processing, publications, powerpoints, research, etc.
    • Purchasing and processing of new materials
    • MakerSpaces


    • Over 8,000 books
    • Up-to-date full reference section
    • 200 instructional DVD titles
    • 50 audio book set titles
    • Accelerated Reader Enterprise
    • Alabama Virtual Library
    • Online resources 

    Accelerated Reader News 

    Great news!  We now have Accelerated Reader Enterprise.  This means that our students now have access to every test available in the Accelerated Reader Program.  Instead of around 6,000 tests we now have access to over 150,000!   You can check to see if a book is on the AR Program and also check the level at the following website: 


    How do we get money for new books???

    In addition to Library Enhancement Funds from the state, we raise money for library books in several ways.  We hold two books fairs - one in the fall and one in the spring.  We also have a magazine fundraiser each year.  We have also won several grants to purchase new books and technology for the library.  This year we received $599.43 from the Jackson County Education Foundation.


    Box Tops for Education 

    We are collecting Box Tops for our library!  Last year we raised $500 to purchase new books.  This year our goal is $1000!  Click the Box Top logo below for information on Box Tops and how you can help our school.