Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Ricky Parker

Subjects Taught
Physical Education,Driver Education,and History

I graduated from Skyline High School in 1979.

I earned my B.S. from Athens State in 1991.


I have taught school for 22 years, coached basketball and golf

I coach Golf and drive a School Bus and I am enjoying the extra time i have now in the afternoons, holidays, and summer, now that i don't coach basketball. I teach Driver Ed., History, and P.E.


I Have 3 children,Will age 16 Rob age 13 Lily ag . I Attended Calhoun Community College, The U University Of North Alabama, and  Athens State University.      I am an ALABAMA Fan-------My son will plays basketball for D A R and he is now a tenth grader. Rob will be playing basketball this year as a 7th grader. The two women in life are my wife Debbie and my daughter Lily, Lily introduces herself as Daddy's little Girl.Debbie and i have been married for 3 years. I am a Cattle Farmer and Debbie and I enjoy traveling..