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     Stevenson Elementary School

    930 Old Mt. Carmel Road

    Stevenson Elementary School 35772

    ph: 256-437-2203  or 256-437-8375

    fax: 256-437-8372



       Mission Statement

    Stevenson Elementary School - founded 1960

      Helping all students Achieve and Succeed.             

    Our commitment at Stevenson Elementary School is to provide for a quality education within a safe, caring, and creative environment which challenges and inspires our students to become life long learners and responsible citizens.


    School Beliefs:

    •  All students can learn and succeed.
    • Each student is valued as an individual with unique, social, intellectual, and emotional needs.
    • Students learn in different ways and should be accommodated through a variety of instructional approaches.
    • Cultural diversity can increase student's understanding of different cultures and customs thus preparing them to live in a global society.
    • Teachers encourage excellence in education, creativity, and individualism through a variety of experiences including ways to enhance critical thinking skills.
    • Teachers should have clear goals and high expectations for all students.
    • Students reach their highest potential when the community, staff, parents, and students work in partnership.



    Why come to Stevenson Elementary?

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     Stevenson Elementary is a wonderful PreK-4 school nestled on the banks of the Tennessee River. Our     school is part of the rural community of Stevenson, Alabama.  We are surrounded by mountains, the river and farmland.  Our area is known for its history and warm-hearted citizens.  Our school has around 380 students. We also have 28 faculty and staff members who provide instruction and support for our children.   

    Our school is blessed with several community partners:  North Jackson Dental Care, First Southern State Bank, Friends of the Library, North Jackson Pharmacy, First Jackson Bank,West Rock Container, Shop Rite, Dollar General, Walmart and Stevenson Federal Credit Union.  Our school sends out our sincere thanks for their continued support of the programs at Stevenson Elementary.  We are also thankful for the support we receive from our Police and Fire Department.  It does indeed take a community to raise our children. 

    A special thanks also goes to all parents and guardians for help and continued support of the educational programs in our school and continued support at home.