• Every year the schools across Jackson County compete in an annual math tournament. It is separated by grades and content area. Select students grades 5th-12th will take a written test in their content area, and then travel to competition to compete in ciphering as a team. 

    Our math teams did great at the 2024 Math Competition. The 5th, 7th, 8th, Algebra II, and Precalculus teams all placed 1st in Jackson County, and Geometry placed 2nd. We also had several individual awards that are listed below:

    5th grade - 1st was Logan Rousseau and Oakley Brewer. 3rd was Braylon Hill, and 4th was Brantley Paradise and Raina Parker. 

    7th grade- 1st was Christa Manning and 6th was Cayden Smith

    8th grade- 2nd was Phoenic Fellmann, 4th was Logan Black, 5th was Olivia Tyler, 7th was David Potts, and 9th was Serenity Sherrell. 

    Geometry - Dawson Mahan and Keegan West tied for 2nd, and Bella Avans placed 6th

    Algebra I - August McKee placed 5th

    Algebra II- Brantley Davis placed 2nd, Wyatt Cook 3rd, Julian Cisneros 5th, and Charlie Arnold placed 8th.

    Precalculus- Hanson Mckee placed 1st and Katie Roach placed 6th.